Phyl Durdey, CEO of Flightline Training Services working with Student on Aircraft

World Leaders in Maintenance Training

Toronto based Flightline Training Services was established on the principle that affordable high quality technical training is the key to a higher standard of aircraft maintenance, increased safety and lower operating costs for the operator. The aircraft technician is provided with an industry leading training syllabus that promotes safe and effective maintenance practices.

Our goal at Flightline Training Services is to exceed expectations by tailoring courses and services to meet your training needs. Your feedback is important to us as we are committed to integrating your suggestions into services and and solutions that we provide to you.

With our Transport Canada and EASA approvals, we are worldwide and meeting the needs of every customer. We strive to provide all our customers with top quality and customized maintenance training.

We Think Globally

The goal of Flightline Training Services is to provide cost effective maintenance training globally. Flightline Training Services currently provides training programs that can be conducted at any location around the world. This initiative eliminates having to send technicians abroad, resulting in substantial cost savings to the customer.

Flightline Training Services' customer service team works closely with the client ensuring that all aspects of the on-site training is handled both efficiently and seamlessly.

Training Services

Flightline Training Services provides a full spectrum of maintenance related training, from generic to customized courses to suit the customer's needs.

The training programs which include approved type courses, familiarization courses and level 4 in-depth training, address all aspects of aircraft maintenance operations; from the office and non-technical staff to maintenance managers as well as technical specialists.

Having the ability to develop specialty courses is what makes Flightline a leader in maintenance training. Our instructors are truly training professionals who ensure the students receive real life training from experience.

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