Embraer ERJ 145

General Familiarization / Systems Training

                    This Embraer ERJ 145 General Familiarization / Systems Training Interactive Course is designed as a Systems Knowledge CBT for General Familiarization Training for the Embraer ERJ 145. This course provides complete systems training by use of text, audio, graphic animations and interactive training providing the highest level of learning. Each module has its own knowledge assessment for evaluating the understanding of the Embraer ERJ 145 lesson. As with all of our CBT courses, this class includes 24/7 technical support and customer service.
                    Students are advised to check with their NAA about the suitability of an online General Familiarization / Systems Training course before purchasing this product.

Course Content

  • ATA 6-12, 51-55 Aircraft General
  • ATA 21 Air Conditioning
  • ATA 22 Auto Flight
  • ATA 23 Communications
  • ATA 24 Electrical Systems
  • ATA 26 Fire Protection
  • ATA 27 Flight Controls
  • ATA 28 Airframe Fuel Systems
  • ATA 29 Hydraulic Systems
  • ATA 30 Ice and Rain Protection
  • ATA 31 Indicating and Recording
  • ATA 32 Landing Gear
  • ATA 34 Navigation Systems
  • ATA 35 Oxygen Systems
  • ATA 36 Pneumatic System
  • ATA 38 Water and Waste
  • ATA 44 Cabin Systems (If Applicable)
  • ATA 45 Maintenance Diagnostics (If Applicable)
  • ATA 46 Information Systems (If Applicable)
  • ATA 49 APU (If applicable)
  • ATA 71-80 Powerplant

Platforms and Use

                    This Embraer CBT Course is delivered on the Flightline Learning Management System Is powered by CPaT Global. The Mobile Application and will operate on PC, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Android computers, tablets and devices. This course can be used both On-Line and Off-Line and will synchronize when connectivity is re-established.


                    A knowledge assessment will be conducted after each chapter and a certificate of curriculum completion will be awarded – once all modules are concluded.